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Toonami's New Lineup

Nobody’s metioned it yet, so I’ll do it instead. As you can tell by the title, two new shows have been added to the Toonami lineup. Yay or nay? First on our list is everyone’s (not-so) favorite, Akame ga Kill! It will premiere on August 8th. Adult Swim showed a trailer for it at MomoCon 2015:

I should also note that this is Sentai Filmworks’ first show to air on Toonami, ever. Yes, this will be dubbed. Will the dub be good? Only one way to find out. Will the show be good? We all know the answer to that. Except for the people who haven’t watched it yet...


The second and last show to be announced is Michiko & Hatchin. If you have not watched this yet, well... I haven’t either, but now you can. Michiko & Hatchin airs on June 20th. There was no special Toonami trailer, but Funimation has one right here, for advertising purposes:

So, that’s all. I was hoping that maybe we would get Psycho-Pass or Jormungand also, but what’s done is done. However, I will check out Akame ga Kill’s dub, maybe re-watch it again, and definitely watch Michiko & Hatchin all the way through. What are your thoughts on the new lineup? What show would you replace Akame ga Kill with? Does Michiko & Hatchin look good? Will you actually watch Toonami? Well... I don’t watch TV up to 5 AM.

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